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Oil Paintings
My interest in oil painting began very young, in high school (or younger) and continued through college and into a period of time when a day job, marriage and family consumed my attention. I found that I did not have time to devote to a lengthy painting session and the clean-up involved, nor could I drop it instantaneously when someone needed my attention, NOW! So I took up watercolor, which I had also done in college, and I was very happy with the spontaneity of the medium and the luminosity of the colors until one day I realized, suddenly, that I wanted to play with the paint in a way that was not possible with watercolor. I wanted to push it around and explore its goopiness, its texture, the way one can manipulate it, blend it, smooth it out or lay it down in "chunks." So, I returned to doing oil paintings, with a feeling of rightness, a feeling of returning home to it. It took a few years to re-learn the medium and hone my skills, but I feel that currently I am at a good place with the medium and am happy working in it.
Orchard Lands in Bolton
Oil on Canvas
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Wellfleet Harbor Boats Thumb.jpg
P-Town Beach
Oil on Canvas
Wellfleet Harbor Boats
Oil on Canvas
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Flowers in Bloom
Oil on Canvas
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Maine Harbor Boats
Oil on Canvas
Bolton GardenThumb.jpg
Deer Isle, Maine
Oil on Canvas
Pamet Harbor Thumb.jpg
Pamet Harbor
Oil on Canvas
Pamet Dunes Thumb.jpg
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Pamet Dunes
Oil on Canvas
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TR’s Study
Oil on Canvas
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Camden Hills
Oil on Canvas
Wellfleet Marsh
Oil on Canvas
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Bolton Garden
Oil on Canvas